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So bored

 Boy I feel good today. Facebook is boring, and I have nothing to do...


God, it's been a long time and a lot of punishments since I was last on here. Got in a mess with my cousin which I do NOT wanna talk about. I got back together with an ex who just needed a girlfriend (I didn't know that until just recently). Broke up with him over Facebook (I know, right? I'm such a coward) Now, a few weeks ago I got one of my friends, (a freshman) Rider, to go out with me (he was dieing to and it was so obvious). I guess we had a good time but it wasn't fair to him. He liked me a lot more than I liked him. So... yesterday I gathered up my non-existent balls and broke up with him. I felt horrible and worse when he cried. So here I am alone and single again and wondering if I did the right thing.

On the 4th Erica and I went to her gramma's house and thought about how deppresing our lives are but then as we were listening to my iPod we started dancing it was so much fun we had glow sticks and everything.

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No sleep

I keep dreaming about my ex. The fact that he won't acknowledge me at school pains me as well. Oh well what can I do? There is a very cute Spanish guy in my drawing class though, with a toungue and snakebite piercing and does not know a whole lot of English. Curly hair that he slicks back every day, too.

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Yo easter

Today went to my gramma's house . As usual *sigh* the three youngest were really loud an all over the place. I ended up missing desert cuz I took a much needed nap. I'm goin back to school tomorrow... Back to the books I guess

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I finally got my ipod touch!!! Sooooo happy right now.

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Article A Vid

I'm sort of excited. Today I was in a music video shoot for my friend's band, Article A. They wanted all their fans to be in it. I'm exhausted.

I can't believe it

Erik and I have been together for almost five months and we haven't been able to see each other for 4 weeks. I got by with my grades just enough to graduate (from jr high) and his parents had been looking for houses in Pensylvania for awhile. (To the point that we would joke about it) But he's actually gonna move... This really sucks. He told me that he wants to see me at least once more before he leaves.

There And Back Again

Wow... Haven't been here in a while. Well, I really don't think anyone would care but two months ago, I realized that I liked my best friend. I'm dense so I never noticed that he had liked me since a year before. Now we've been going out for a couple of months.